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Why I Started Personal Training?

I have been going to the gym for quite a while now, actually more like 8 years. I did not always want to make fitness my career but my live pushed me towards it. I have studied a subject totally different but then I realised it wasn't me. Architecture is quite the opposite to what I enjoy as it's mostly a seated job although design is important in both sectors. I personally like to design workout and nutrition plans rather than buildings but I had to find out if it was what I truly enjoy. Wearing shorts and a hoodie to work is just a bonus but I love the feeling of freedom and comfort.

Bartifitness was a goal of mine for quite a while now, ever since I realised architecture was not an option for me I knew I want to study fitness or something which could get me further knowledge of fitness and the body to understand how we are constructed. Fitness, health and exercise course was a perfect match for me as I learned a lot of things which were interesting during the years. I also had to learn, as part of the course, things which were not relevant to what I wanted to do but it is all about gaining more knowledge each day. I did really well during the two years in College all because I enjoyed learning and understanding more and more about the body and also about fitness and exercise.

An amazing addition to the course was the level 3 personal training qualification which was not compulsory. I knew straight away I needed to get a place as it was the second step to getting me where I want to be. I could then learn more real-life skills which I could then use to help people become the best version of themselves. I wanted to improve people's fitness and make their lives better day in day out.

I was always an active kid although, when I was around 12 I have put on a bit of extra weight (I mean I got fat). You can see a picture from my very first home gym session. I mean it was not quite a session but I had my first shot at lifting some weights, and it was not a pretty sight I can imagine. A small decline sit-up bench, a couple of dumbells was about all I had at the time but damn, those 4kg dumbbells were heavy. There it all started and my passion for the fitness industry grew with age.

As the years went by, I started playing different sports but the weights room was always the one I enjoyed the most. I might have not been the strongest kid but I was always trying to get better without knowing quite how to improve. Midway through high school, I started watching Youtube tutorials about the fitness guys to see how they trained as I wanted to learn from them and get better myself.

I have seen a lot over the years and I personally know how difficult it is to start something without knowing where to start. I want to help people get fitter, lose excess weight, put on lean muscle and most importantly I want everyone to feel good in their own skin and be healthy. That's exactly what my company BartiFitness Personal Training is about! Helping others to get fitter and healthier while educating them about their own body and fitness.

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