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Weight Loss 1-1 (how to lose weight, the right way)

You try to eat less food and buy diet products. No food after 8 pm, because it makes you fat. Spend over 2 hours, killing yourself, on the treadmill.

Do you believe this will get you the desired fat loss results?

For some time it might be the case. However, this method is not ideal because you need to know how much fuel your body requires and how much you are consuming. To obtain weight loss, you must create a calorie deficit and exercise.

1pound (lb) or 0.5kilogram (kg) of fat is equivalent to about 3500 calories. When looking to burn a certain amount, it is a good idea for this calculation. Over a week, you will need to subtract around 500kcal from your daily maintenance intake. (500kcal x 7days=3500kcal)

As you continue with the calorific deficit, the number of calories you burn daily will reduce, which is caused by a decrease in metabolic rate.

This all sound like mission impossible, right? It is really simple, but you have to be patient and trust the process.

It is better to start with a lower calorie deficit, as it will allow for more sustainable results. Each individual is different, therefore, it should be a thoughtful decision based on your needs.

The other factor to consider is your macronutrient breakdown. All calories are not equal, unlike what some people will tell you. When in a deficit, your body will need carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to function. Do not think fats or carbohydrates will slow down your fat loss because that is not the case! Healthy fats found in nuts, coconut oil, avocados have been proven by scientists to aid in thermogenesis ( the energy-burning process). There is more to food than just the macronutrients. Minerals and micronutrients are also present, performing their function in our bodies.

We need food to function, but we also need to enjoy the food and make sure it is not a chore. As long as 90% of your food comes from quality sources that are full of nutrients, the other 10% can be foods which you crave. Having a positive relationship with food will make the “dieting" process more enjoyable and sustainable.

A passionate and educated personal trainer would be able to explain this to you. Staying consistent and on track with nutrition is important! Talk to a fitness expert and let them keep you on the right path to success!

Struggling with your fat loss goals? Talk to us to get help and stay on track :)

Start TODAY and let your goal be the motivation to continue!

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