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No More YO-YO Diets

The fitness world is going in the wrong direction!

The fitness and health sector is becoming more of a trend. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy! Why is that a bad thing?

I am hyped to see people trying to get fitter and healthier. It makes me truly happy. I fell in love with training and living healthy from a young age. I have been doing this for many years, and I am not planning on stopping.

The biggest issue is the fact, as a busy generation, we want everything to come fast. We see the title "7 days to lose 3kg", the first thought is, I will give it a go. The belief is there!

I got this!

You get a magical weight loss plan that will get you results, FAST. Sounds familiar?

Has it ever worked?

Hmmm. Perhaps... Let's talk about what really happens. The plan will probably include foods which you have not used. Avocado, spinach, almond milk, and chia seeds smoothie for breakfast. Do not get me wrong, these are excellent food choices! The issue only occurs when you need to make it a lifestyle. Will you be satisfied with a breakfast like that? Let's say you eat a sausage and bacon roll! That is almost 500kcal. The smoothie is only 200kcal. You have just consumed 300kcal less than usual.

Hurray! Another 3 replacement meals will create a tremendous calorific deficit. An average person eats about 2000-2500kcal per day. Take away 200Kcal from each of the 4 meals, you have consumed 800kcal less than usual. Weight has come off in the first week, but it has stopped. What do you do now?

You are trapped!

Your body has adjusted to what you are giving it. It needs less energy to keep burning fat. You cannot eat less food. Hunger kicks in and your instinct tells you to eat, so you eat... The weight has come back, and your motivation fades!

We do not want that to happen. What can you do?

Take baby steps. Do not change your whole diet in one day! It is not sustainable. Adapting your lifestyle will make the most significant difference.

Replace soda drinks for water. Make your own lunch rather than buying ready meals. There are a lot of ways which you can get results and most importantly, keep them. Move more, find something which you enjoy and be consistent!

Do not fall in the trap of QUICK FIXES.

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