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Colorful Weights

Fitness is not just about your appearance. Make your life better by getting healthier and stronger with BartiFitness.

By exercising you can expect great benefits and I am here to help you do it the right way! 

BartiFitness is a place where we train smart and improve our lives to get the most out of it.




| Fitness Health & Exercise Professional |

My name is Bartek Handkowski, I am a personal trainer and a fitness enthusiast. I have been studying fitness, health, and exercise at a higher level where I expanded my knowledge further and further every day. I am constantly following the latest methods of training and implementing them in my own training to bring the best coaching experience. While studying I also got my level 3 personal training qualification in order to be able to help people like you achieve their fitness goals.


Why do I want to help you?

I have tried many online programs and diets just like most of you but they are usually not the best approach. Throughout the years of training and studying experienced many setbacks. I learned from my mistakes and now I can help you get amazing results which you will be proud of.


I specialise in resistance training and mobility exercises because I feel it gives the best foundation to start building your body. There are many methods of training, therefore, we will pick the best one that suits you and takes you in the direction you want to go.

BartiFitness is a place where we strive to achieve dreams and reach your desired goals, as I believe that anything is possible with the right mindset and determination.


I am happy that you are taking the first step to creating a positive change. I hope to work with you as a client and get to know you personally.



Qualifications : 

Higher National Diploma in Fitness Health & Exercise 

    Level 3 Personal Trainer

    REPS Personal Trainer


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