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Helping you achieve your health & fitness goals!

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Welcome to BartiFitness personal training. 

As a personal trainer and a fitness coach, my role is to help individuals, like you, achieve results faster and with no guessing work.

100% Results

We Say NO  to:

Hiding in baggy clothes with low self-esteem.

Anxiety & depression associated with your appearance.

Constantly feeling low levels of energy.

Uncertainty and doubt about what you will achieve. 

Fear about your health and relying on medication.

What Can You Expect:

A physique to be proud of, the reflection of your hard work.

Confidence & levels of energy you deserve.

Certainty & clarity about your path and the results which will follow.

Changes in life by solving the root problem, not the surface level issues.

At  BartiFitness, we understand the issues you are having. By analysing your lifestyle, we can make changes that lead to long-lasting results.

With our latest mastermind program, you can be certain the work you put in, will have a return on your investment. 


Lose Fat, Feel Strong & Learn



As a fitness professional, I will ensure each session is best suited to meet your needs. Work with me face to face to get the most out of your time spent in the gym. Proper nutrition alongside resistance training will improve your daily life as well as get you fitter and healthier. Reduced body fat % and an increase in strength are just a few of the benefits of exercising.


Don't just follow a nutritional plan, but also learn about nutrition. Understand how FLEXIBLE DIETING works and how calories play a part in body composition.

Get advice on the sources of foods you need to consume, and most importantly, in what quantities. Setting a balanced diet is necessary in order to be healthy and excel in reaching your fitness goals.


I will ensure you get the best results, if you put the work in, Failure in not an option if you join the BARTIFITNESS TEAM. Quality coaching taking   your limitations into consideration to provide bespoke experience. There is always a way to get results but you need to understand the journey in order to reach them!


Areas We Help With

Love Yourself
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Understanding your barriers and adopting your mindset is the first step to achieving remarkable results. Get clarity to be able to reach any goal you set yourself.


Lifestyle changes will play a part in your transformation. Keep your normal life, and make it better with improved strategies.


Do not go on a diet! With us, you will be educated about nutritional choices and how to implement them. Understanding what you are doing has a bigger influence on your transformation


Optimised training and proper technique will keep you engaged and motivated to keep hitting new targets. Sessions are challenging and varied with the goal of progression in mind.