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You can still work towards your goals with the gyms being shut. BartiFitness is currently doing all sessions online. 1-1 sessions and all other services are ONLINE.



Do you want to get out and exercise? We can now add outdoor sessions to our services offered during the pandemic. The training is just one aspect which you will get help with. Get in touch to find out how you can stay healthy and fit during these difficult times. 

BartiFitness focuses on delivering results in a fun and flexible approach. No more false promises or quick diets promising unrealistic results. 

             We Say No To:
>>Hiding in baggy clothes with low self-esteem.
>>Anxiety & depression associated with your appearance.
>>Constantly feeling low levels of energy.
>>Uncertainty and doubt about what you will achieve. 
>> Fear about your health and relying on medication.
            What Can You Expect:
>>A physique to be proud of, the reflection of your hard work.
>>Confidence & levels of energy you deserve.
>>Certainty & clarity about your path and the results which will follow.
>>Changes in life by solving the root problem, not the surface level issues.
At BartiFitness, we understand the issues you are having. By analysing your lifestyle, we can make changes that lead to long-lasting results.
With our latest mastermind program, you can be certain the work you put in, will have a return on your investment. The Fighter Mastermind link.



Understanding your barriers and adopting your mindset is the first step to achieving remarkable results. Get clarity to be able to reach any goal you set yourself.


Lifestyle changes will play a part in your transformation. Keep your normal life, and make it better with improved strategies.


Optimised training and proper technique will keep you engaged and motivated to keep hitting new targets. Sessions are challenging and varied wih the goal of progression in mind.

Flexible Nutrition

Do not go on a diet! With us, you will be educated about nutritional choices and how to implement them. Understanding what you are doing has a bigger influence on your transformation

What people have to say about us:

Our Reviews


"Since starting a block of sessions with Bartifitness I have seen a significant improvement in my strength and fitness. Bart is highly professional, sessions are well planned and his knowledge and assistance with perfecting technique has improved my strength, posture and confidence. 
Book a block of sessions with Bartifitness and it will be one of the best choices you have ever made for your long term health and fitness."



"Training with Bartek has really made a difference to me! My workouts are fun and challenging and most importantly I am seeing results in my body! :) He always listens to my needs and preferences and adapts so well to my injuries. Couldn't recommend enough!"



I’ve found my training sessions with Bartek extremely beneficial. I ran and cycled before but wanted to work on my core and build upper-body strength, and also to have somebody show me how to exercise correctly. A lot of it is about technique more than sheer strength and Bartek is great at identifying those parts of the body which need more work then developing them through targeted exercises and patient repetition, whilst at the same time mixing it up and keeping the sessions interesting. Every session is different, with a range of exercises being covered including push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, squats, dead lifts, Russian twists and shoulder presses. Bartek has a wealth of knowledge and explains what you’re doing as you’re doing it. In addition to the physical coaching he dispenses valuable nutritional advice tailored to your weight, height and diet. I’ve learnt a great deal from him and would strongly recommend him to others.""



"Best personal trainer I have ever had. Bartek knows what he is talking about and he will motivate and educate you so you will want to transform into the stronger and fitter you! Cannot recommend him enough :) You wont regret it."



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